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Default May 22nd Dungeon Striker Developer's Patch Note - 05-24-2013, 07:01 PM
My name is Tae-yeon Kim, head designer of Spiral Studio. I'm posting this notice at the first public patch of Dungeon Striker. Since "Open information, better idea" is one of the value our Dungeon Striker teams are following, I'll try my best to announce update direction at every important update. Skipping our newly finished Tower of Ordeals and guild system, let's get into the point!

Debug errors on party and drop

Our team found a big error at the game based system, when we examined bugs related with Sword Master title . Combat and reward system haven't catch up to the data update in party system, and, as a result, some number of party members has been miscalculated

Symptoms of this error have been shown as below :
  • You couldn't complete the achievement related with Sword Master, cause the system perceived you were in party when you leave the party already. (The Sword Master title achievement is for solo play only)
  • Combat difficulty was not harder and rewards drop rate & numbers were not increased, while party member added.
  • Combat difficulty was not easier and rewards drop rate & numbers were not decreased, while party member left.
These problems have been debugged with 5.22 patch.

And proper difficulties and reward drop rate will be applied by the number of party members. And the second error was drop adjustment by level. Wrong drop correction has been applied and higher level character got less in certain items.

These two error debugging will vary game play experiences and rewards somewhat complex. Combat might become easier or harder. Reward might become more or less. I apologize for any inconvenience from these serious errors and the fact we couldn't haven found them before open beta service.

Besides, we understand many of you are questioning the efficiency of party itself. We're going to observe the changes after this update.

Our apologize for urgent error correction and the direction in balance tuning after this.

After open better service, a couple of debugging on combat system have been placed already. With this game service, our dev. team has a value:

"we respect the way users using game. Even if it takes advantage of system's weak point, we respect them as much as possible."

Sad to say, the combat system patches in last week are opposed to this value. Yes, the skill combination includes mage's "Norm-Arcane" is "the way user using DS" what users discovered and created. We decided, however, allowing this kind of high-weariness control as a base control would become "wrong first button" and made an unavoidable retouch. I apology about it.

Now the hottest potato in class balance is Beserker that inheritated wizard's 'Arcane Burst' skill, so called 'Arcane Beserker'. This combination has dominant efficiency, especially Boss combat in Nightmare dungeon.

In fact, we thought this combination would be the "public combination" from the dev period, it now shows much higher performance than we expected.
We, development team, finally decided this dominant position is not desirable and are planning to revise it step by step.

For one, 5.22 patch has revisions as below.
  • critical demage figure that has been differed by class is adjusted as 150%, default value.

Needless to say, Acane Berserker is still powerful after this revision.
We don't want to hold back Acane Berserkers with excessive nerf. We're going to balance overall classes with upgrading other classes. And I also want to mention that class and skill combination will be varied more and more. Fast completion of boss monster is not all of this game, not all bosses are not single target and individual damage dealing is not all. Tower of Ordeals and other following contents will make variety situations. Either following general trend or focusing your own way can be way to enjoy the game. I hope you remember that your character keeps growing and enough skill points will be given to master all skills.

And others

Here I'd like to answer some of your questions.
  • There's no non-applied skill. Even when you can't find it on your ability window, result figure always reflects them.
  • Damage random rate make it difficult to notice, however, skill effect is applying conscientiously.
  • If you have attack power with several kind of attribution at once, all attack power of each attribution overlap and effect.
  • The add-up damage figure displays and has only one random color(red, blue or so) of number shown attack attribution.
  • Increasing attack speed figure applies as step graph by the length of skill motion. What you guys are finding is correct result.

Closing this post, I hope you to enjoy DS now and look forward upcoming progress of DS.

Thank you.


This is a translation from Translated by Baik Sun, who is also translating skills for the wiki along with Yeonsil Song.

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Default 05-25-2013, 11:34 PM
So that's what I been hearing. The berserker got nerfed already? Did they find the d3 equivalent of the Barbarian?
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