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How the Dungeon Striker Skill System Works (South Korea)
How the Dungeon Striker Skill System Works (South Korea)
Published by Tor
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Version History
5/25/2013 - Guide Created
5/26/2013 - Added "Inheritable Skills" and Finished.
6/25/2013 - Fixed Skill Ranks, Added EXP Table For Skill Ranks

It took me 20 levels to figure out what the hell I was doing in Dungeon Striker with the Skill System that they have. I don't know Korean, and I don't think anyone reading this guide does either. So I decided to create a simple guide for those that are playing the game, and who don't understand what they are doing.

This guide will be broken down into multiple pages, with images. Eventually I'll transfer it over to the Dungeon Striker Wiki.


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By darkwish98 on 05-26-2013, 09:08 AM

I do not understand, does this work like the subclass system in lineage 2, but with only a limit (3active 7pasive) of skills to keep from the previous class?
And if you have more classes then 2, do you get extra skills from all other classes you are not playing or are stuck with 3/7 but you have more combinations?
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By Tor on 05-26-2013, 11:10 AM

Never played Lineage 2. If you have more than 2 classes to inherit skills from, the class will appear on the 2nd tab. So yes you can mix and match all sub classes including the main class.

The Ranger, has two sub classes, Assasin and Canon Blazer. Pressing the button "H" lets you switch between classes. Each active class can use all their learned skills, and have 3 active and 7 passive skills from any other sub classes that have already been learned.

So in summary, their job system allows you to switch to any job class, at anytime after you reach level 20 and finish act 1, and inherit 3 active skills and 7 passives. Mix and match with limitless combinations.

Hope that explains it.
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By darkwish98 on 05-27-2013, 02:13 AM

I see, i guess its how i thought it is then.
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By Tor on 05-27-2013, 10:27 AM

Looks like I just learned something new. I'll add it into the guide later this week. Skill ranks earn EXP as well. You need to level up to get access to the next rank as well as spend points.
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By Tor on 06-25-2013, 08:34 PM

Fixed translation error of skill ranks name
  • Novice
  • Senior
  • Elite
  • Veteran
  • Champion
  • Master

Also added a exp table, for the skill ranks because you need to level them up in order to unlock the skills. Didn't add all data, because I don't have it at the moment.
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